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Repel-Aide™ Plastic Water Repellent

The unique water repelling benefit, found in Repel-Aide™ Plastic Water Repellent is now available in a product specifically formulated for multiple plastic surface types!¬†¬†Repel-Aide™ Plastic Water Repellent provides a superior water beading coating on various plastics. Watch water bead up and roll away on windscreens, goggles, visors and marine windshields for improved visibility!

Product Features

  • Rain and water beads off plastics to dramatically enhance visibility.
  • Specifically formulated for multiple plastic surface types.
  • Easily applied for a durable long lasting coating.

Product Usage Instructions

  • Shake well before use.
  • Ensure all surfaces are clean and dry before treating.
  • Spray directly onto plastic surfaces or onto a clean, dry microfiber cloth.
  • Wipe using a firm, circular and overlapping motion.
  • Wipe off and buff with the included clean, dry microfiber cloth.
  • For best results, use included microfiber cloth. Do not use a paper towel!

Available in the following Formats:

REPEL-AIDE Plastic Water Repellent - 12oz Item # 08664
        UPC # 077223086647

REPEL-AIDE Plastic Water Repellent Towels and 12oz bottle kit
Item # 08676
        UPC # 077223086760

REPEL-AIDE Plastic Water Repellent - 24oz Item # 08668
        UPC # 077223086685

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