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Repel-Aide™ Fog Eliminator Anti-Fog Spray + UV Protectant

Repel-Aide™ Fog Eliminator prevents interior fogging on auto windshields, and anywhere else where fogging would reduce visibility. The advanced UV Protectant formula also helps to prevent sun damage! As owners of electric cars will know, de-frosting or de-fogging an auto windshield consumes copious amounts of power that could be miles of range. Don’t defrost. Eliminate Fog with Repel-Aide™.

Product Features

  • Reduces interior fogging and promotes better visibility.
  • For use on automotive and marine interior glass and mirrors.
  • Ideal for extending miles in electric cars by reducing the need to defrost.
  • Liquid Interior Glass Anti-Fog products also work great on bathroom mirrors!
  • Advanced UV Protectant formula also helps to prevent sun damage!

Product Usage Instructions

  • Apply a small amount of Repel-Aide™ Fog Eliminator with the included microfiber cloth.
  • Wipe across surface to be treated and allow to dry.
  • Re-apply as needed to maintain fog-free condition.
  • If any haze appears due to excess application, sprinkle with water and wipe with included microfiber towel.

Available in the following Formats:

REPEL-AIDE FOG Eliminator Anti-Fog Spray - 12oz Item # 08663
        UPC # 077223086630

REPEL-AIDE FOG ELIMINATOR Anti Fog Spray Towels and 12oz bottle kit
Item # 08679
       UPC # 077223086791

REPEL-AIDE FOG Eliminator Anti-Fog Spray - 24oz Item # 08667
        UPC # 077223086678

REPEL-AIDE Anti-Fog Travel Kit - 12ml Item # 08671
        UPC # 077223086715

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