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Dashboard Cleaner with Air
Freshener + UV Protectant

Repel-Aide™ Dashboard Cleaner is a residue less cleaner and UV shield solution. Perfect to cleaning and protecting automotive, marine, and aircraft dash trim and instrument clusters. Clean and buff to a spotless shine while UV shield protects from sun damage. Also helps prevent the buildup of dust and grime! Available in the following scents: New Car Smell, Fresh Vanilla, and Fresh Linen!

Product Features

  • Protects from UV light and sun damage and adds fresh scent.
  • Helps prevent unsightly dust buildup.
  • Easy to take with you size. Perfect for pocket, purse or glovebox.
  • Easily applied making cleaning and protecting your dashboard a cinch.

Product Usage Instructions

  • Spray directly onto dash with included clean, dry microfiber cloth.
  • Reapply if necessary and clean entire surface.
  • Wipe off any excess solution with the included clean, dry microfiber cloth.
  • For best results, use included microfiber cloth. Do not use a paper towel!

Available in the following Formats:

Dashboard Cleaner - New Car Smell - Bottle 12oz Item # 08673
        UPC # 077223086739

Dashboard Cleaner - Fresh Vanilla - Bottle 12oz Item # 08692
        UPC # 077223086920

Dashboard Cleaner - Fresh Linen - Bottle 12oz Item # 08693
        UPC # 077223086937

Dashboard Cleaner - New Car Smell 12oz Kit Item # 08677
        UPC # 077223086777

Dashboard Cleaner - Fresh Linen 12oz Kit Item # 08700
        UPC # 077223087002

Dashboard Cleaner - Fresh Vanilla 12oz Kit Item # 08701
        UPC # 077223087019

Dashboard Cleaner - Lavender 12oz Bottle Item # 08714
        UPC # 077223087149

Dashboard Cleaner - Lemon 12oz Bottle Item # 08715
        UPC # 077223087156

Dashboard Cleaner - Lavender 12oz Kit Item # 08716
        UPC # 077223087163

Dashboard Cleaner – Lemon 12oz Kit Item # 08717
        UPC # 077223087170

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